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Super-Starbuck - Tim's club fundraiser gets bigger each & every year. But where did it all begin?

Tim tells us all about the Starbuck Classic and how 2020's event is already underway!

Back in 2010 after chatting with the then club manager Brian Lever the two of us decided that we needed extra funds to simply keep the club running. The Classic was born a fun day, different from other tournaments. It was hoped back then that we could raise a £1000 and perhaps attract 18 teams. The day had to be a Friday so as not to interrupt our weekend schedule and the start time had to be afternoon so as not to deter golfers from getting their Friday round.

The format of a prize for every team and a prize on every hole was born. Fast forward to 2019 we have 36 teams, regular and generous sponsors and we raise around £6.5k. If we throw in the bar takings on the day into the mix then it’s getting on for £8k return. In these days of tight cash flow a very welcome tonic for the club.

The classic is about fun combined with serious play. Camaraderie competition and enjoying yourself. Many members forget that the majority of members join the club to belong play and just enjoy. Not everyone can win the club championship but everyone can have a shout in the classic. It’s also open to visitors many of whom have been loyal to the event from the beginning. Texas scramble is a fun game where everyone remains involved whether playing well or badly.

You just turn up and play which doesn’t actually tell the story of the work involved.

Work for 2020 is already underway. We have to beg other clubs to support the event we need 36 four ball vouchers. I have to cast my net far and wide. I have been told to “do one” on many occasions by some of the so called elite clubs in the county, where as others are very supportive. It would be wrong to name and shame but I am so very grateful to the managers, Captains and committees at the clubs who help me.

We have to arrange extra insurance in case of a hole in one our sponsors Pertwee and Back help us with this. Many of our suppliers get involved. Some members have been very generous too which has made such an improvement to the events success. They are too numerous to mention but they know who they are. The club owe you all a debt of gratitude. Huge thanks.

I cannot pay enough gratitude to the volunteers who help not just on the day but during the preparation. We take them for granted but without them it could not happen. Dave Kightley and I work on the “Starby” as he calls it, almost daily from early March! One the day and for a week before Dave Arrend the board man of Alcatraz works on the score board which changes daily.

2019 was special for me as two former colleagues turned up to enjoy the day too. Robbie Williams the pop stars dad no less and Nigel Hudston a very talented guy from a previous life. This saw us singing along with guitar and vocals until very late in the day. Many members were here to see us end on Angels by Robbie Williams lead by his dad .Quite a night.

As for the golf the winners were thrilled to bits to win a four ball at Sherringham. My own team won a day at Eaton in Norwich we will enjoy that. Hopefully as many of the vouchers will be used by the winning teams They are a great day out.

On wards and upwards for 2020. What can we do, what can we tweak, how do we improve?

It’s a challenge but one we raise to every year.

Thank you to everyone for your support. Every pound is currently a prisoner at the club rest assured we will be doing all we can to bring in the income.

My personal goal is to raise 10k on the day wouldn’t that be something?



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