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COVID 19 - Club Update (2)


This virus is very serious. Golfers who do not follow these simple instructions are possibly putting themselves and others at risk. We need to keep the course open and we want you to enjoy the game but we have to insist on measures that minimise the risk of spreading this virus.

It should be noted that all golfers are playing entirely at their own risk.

In the short term the club has cancelled all competitions. We do not see the need at this time to cancel this year’s knock out competitions as these do not involve large groups of players.

Social golf is not suspended but we recommend the following -

1. Putt with the flag in situ. Do not touch the flag stick

2. Only remove the ball from the hole with a gloved hand

3. Do not exchange cards

4. Only rake bunkers with a gloved hand

5. Keep a safe distance from your playing partners

6. Wash hands before and after the round


We will keep regularly reviewing the situation and hope when the outcome of the initial measures currently in place are known and subject to the then government policy we may be able to resume some form of competitive golf IF the above is observed AND :-

1. Entry is done by telephone text or individually in the pro shop. Entry sheets will be removed from the club house. If texting, please text Mark on 07770 863921 and confirm your message has been received.

2. Envelopes will be provided to put entry fee in which should then be put in the blue box located just inside the foyer. Please ensure you put names of the players and the name of the event clearly on this envelope.

3. Cards need to checked and verified after the round and must be placed in the blue box. There is no need for these to be signed by two people. We suggest you’re playing partner marks your card and so forth thus keeping contact down to a minimum.

4. Players must not use the PSI Machine.

5. Results will be announced as usual

6. These events will be none qualifying for handicap purposes.

The club wants life to go on as normal as possible but feels it must not been seen to be encouraging or being responsible for encouraging events that break the governments social distancing policy. Members must be aware that should competitive golf be resumed entries are optional and golfers are entering of their own choice.

ALL golfers must be aware of and adhere to all of the above.

ALSO, there will be no liability whatsoever on the Club if you participate in these events.

At present the club house remains open in line with Government policy but this may or will change as Government’s policy changes.

On behalf of the executive committee.

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