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Your club needs you

Great Yarmouth and Caister Golf Club has always been renowned for the quality and speed of its greens which have been the envy of many other clubs for decades.

Whilst our greens scored highly in the recent Players First survey, we would like to see them score even better next year, and hence we are focusing on getting them as close to perfection as we can. However, in order to do that, as well as other works which we will undertake, we need to improve our sprinkler system, and to do that we need your help.

Many of you will be aware that our watering system is old. It is prone to bursts and leaks, its inefficient as it wastes much of our precious water, which we extract on a limited volume, from the borehole and the coverage of the water, over the greens, in particular, is sketchy to say the least.

We have a proposal from Irrigation Services UK Ltd which we believe will solve the greens watering problem..

This proposal involves installing two variable frequency drives, pump mounted control units and pressure transducers into the line at the pumps. They will regulate the pressure that goes into the main lines, resulting in a constant lower pressure being maintained in the line so that when the sprinklers are turned on there is no “surge” in pressure which can and often does result in the bursts and leaks which all too often put the system out of action and cost us money to repair. In addition we will install new sprinklers on all eighteen greens. These modern, fully adjustable sprinklers are designed with a low trajectory specifically to combat water loss in higher wind speed environments. They will enable us to achieve a uniform water coverage, getting more of the water onto the greens, thus improving the consistency of the greens and hence playability.

By installing this new irrigation equipment, it will enable us to manage our limited water resources ina much better way. An added bonus is that with the VFD’s installed the cost in electricity to run the pumps will fall by around 50%.

The cost to procure and install this equipment is around £30,000.

Our Captain Blair Ainslie is asking all of you to consider whether you are able to contribute as a gift to the club any amount no matter how small or large to help the club raise the £30,000 we need to install this much needed equipment which will greatly benefit our members now and in years to come.

If you make a charitable donation to the club and are a taxpayer the club will receive a tax repayment. In addition if you are a higher rate taxpayer you will personally receive an additional tax repayment as the club is a registered charity then the amount of your gift is tax deductible, and the club will furnish you with the necessary certificate (please collect from the office).

More details will follow soon.

A huge thank you to all of the members who have donated so far, we have been overwhelmed with the support.


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