Pittman Penny 2018

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who played in the Pittman Penny on Sunday 5th August, it was great to see so many players both old and young out on the course on such a beautiful day. I feel my dad would have been “chuffed” to coin a phrase he often used. Whilst referring to the word “coin’ I would like to enlighten those who may not know how the Pittman Penny came about.

The first year the competition was played was 2010, the year after my father (Eddie Pittman) passed away. He was Scottish, from Orkney in fact, and this was a determining factor in the name “Pittman Penny”.

Three members and friends of his (Reg Hole, Ian Boon and Myles Rainer) found a very old copper half-penny on the course (in the gorse to the right of the 8th green to be exact), Reg later joked with my Dad that it must have been his as he was around the right age and he would have found it had it been a penny. To add further weight to the story his friends used to rib him about the story of two Scotsmen fighting over a copper penny, apparently pulling so hard the coin stretched forming copper wire.

After Eddie passed away Reg & Lucy Hole along with other members suggested having an annual competition in Eddies memory and to call it the Pittman Penny and to perhaps have something different as the trophy. This was duly agreed upon and a trophy in the shape of an opening book to hold the penny was rustically carved by another old friend and member (Brian Sadd). The trophy is different to say the least! As was Eddie.

In closing I’d just like to reiterate the thanks of the Pittman family to all who played and in particular to all of those who helped arrange the day and donated prizes.

Looking forward to next year’s competition which I’d like to make more memorable as it will be 10 years since Eddie made his final putt.

Cheers, Iain