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Paving the way ⛳️

We're working on something new and the construction of new pathways has started.

Whilst this work is being carried out and for the safety of the greens team, there will be a temporary green on the 13th when work is taking place. The flag will be back on the correct green at weekends.

When this project is complete work will commence on the 4th, connecting a new pathway from the cross bunkers to the existing pathway closer to the green.

At the same time work will commence redefining the four cross bunkers. Again it will be necessary to implement a temporary green situation when work is in progress.

There may well be an overlap where both projects are taking place simultaneously. The correct green will also be in play on the 4th at weekends.

The greens team appreciate your cooperation and patience whilst this work to further improve our course is carried out.

All the best.

Alistair Low

Chairman of greens.


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