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Ladies Captains Day 2019

The weather was perfect and we had great fun with a flag competition!

The ladies were in pairs and each pair had a flag from a different country. We played a greensomes medal and each team had to try to bring their flag home.

If they ran out of shots allowed according to their handicap allowance they had to leave their flag out on the course.

There were 15 teams and two competitions - 9 hole and 18 hole.

Winners of the 9 hole comp were: 1st Germany (Carol Varley & Janet Wiseman) left their flag on 9th 2nd Denmark (Sue Knight and Margaret King) left their flag on 9th

1st three winners in the 18 hole comp brought their flags home: 1st Uruguay (Bev Andrews & Deirdre Harvey) - shot 84 2nd Sweden (Rita Bleasdale & Linda Croucher) - shot 90 3rd Portugal (Liz Robinson & Kathy Whitcomb) - shot 94 4th Iceland (Ann Green & Sally Barber) - left their flag on 18th green

Thanks for the lovely halfway house where ladies enjoyed cold pimms and snacks and thanks to Sam and her team for lovely fish & chips.

Thank you to all sponsors and donations which helped raise £780 for Ladies Captains Charity - The Salvation Army.

Fab day!!


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