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The Big Golf Race

Something amazing happened on July 13th at Great Yarmouth and Caister Golf Club. Fred Cutter and 7 of his golfing buddies embarked on a daring adventure, playing not one, not two, but FOUR rounds of golf in a single day!

This wasn’t just for the love of the game, it was also a deliberate effort to raise as much money as possible for Prostate Cancer UK as part of their ‘Big Golf Race’ fundraising campaign.

Prostate Cancer affects a staggering 1 in 8 men. Sadly, many of us have witnessed the devastating effects of this disease. Our Fathers, Brothers and dear friends have experienced its impact firsthand. That’s why Fred and his golfing heroes want to do more than just raise money, they want to create awareness, starting right here at Caister Golf Club and spreading the word throughout the entire golfing community.

When Fred first dreamed up this golf challenge he never expected that seven other golfers would join him for the ultimate golf marathon and despite dodgy weather on the last 2 holes, Fred and his team managed to stay dry (well dry-ish) throughout most of the 72 holes.

Before 72 holes: Foxy (Andrew Fox), Fritz (Andrew Fryer), Frodo (Matty Gee), Fred (Michael Cutter), Jumbo (Glen Harman), Vaughan (Vaughan Cutter), Yarco ( Graham Eagle)

Playing four rounds of golf in a day is no walk in the park and let’s just say they were all feeling it a bit the next day! But fully satisfied that they conquered the challenge with smiles on their faces and full of gratitude and in Fred’s own words:

“I wanted to express my appreciation to everyone who supported us, special thanks to Great Yarmouth & Caister Golf Club for their unwavering support, complimentary tee times and to the members we met on the day for graciously letting us play through when we caught up!

Thank You to Reece and Sam the fantastic foodie duo in the Clubhouse, who kept our bellies full and spirits high all day long.

And to Great Yarmouth Racecourse who played a vital role by letting us carry out a Prostate Cancer UK bucket collection at the end of the horse racing meet. Thanks to the generosity of the public we collected an astounding amount of £967.26.

Special mention to the kind and generous Rory J Holbrook, of Rory J Holbrook Ltd who pledged to match the bucket collection at the racecourse meeting donating a further £1000 to our Just Giving page.

And, finally, I’d like to say a massive thank you to every single person that supported us and to my incredible playing partners, who not only joined me on this golf marathon but also helped us surpass our fundraising expectations, you guys are the dream golfing team!”

With the overwhelming support of all of the amazing individuals that have contributed to this brilliant cause, Fred and his friends have managed to raise a massive £6,400 so far! But they're not stopping there and they are determined to hit the £7,000 mark. The Just Giving page is still open for contributions so give what you can here:

Men, listen up! Your health matters and we want to encourage you to be proactive and stay informed about your general well-being, including your prostate. There is a wealth of information available out there on the signs, symptoms and when to seek expert advice from your GP.

To wrap it up, well done to everyone that made this fundraiser possible and who contributed in their own way. You’ve shown what can be achieved when we come together and support each other. Let’s continue to make a difference and fight against prostate cancer.

Many thanks, Fred Cutter and the GYC team.

After 72 holes! Fred, Fritz, Jumbo, Frodo, Foxy, Yarco, Vaughan


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