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Captain's Day 👏🏼

The Captain of the golf club looks forward to this day in the calendar with much anticipation probably more than any other, making it memorable is the least he could expect.

These days do not just ‘happen’, they are planned and prepared long in advance. We must ensure that all eventualities we are able to control are taken care of and any uncontrollable incidents don’t affect the smooth running of this fun day’s golf wherever possible.

There were some incidents as is anticipated for any event of this scale, mostly they would have gone unnoticed however major or minor, in the great scheme of things they fade into memory. I mean, all you really need is good camaraderie, lovely weather and hopefully a great score!

Thankfully my [Tim's] team managed two out of the three, and it was evident we weren’t alone in that!

The sun shone beautifully, the halfway house did its’ job. The satellite refreshment tents were a Godsend, manned by Captain Alistair’s family, all of whom settled down to endure, being non-golfers, what was a very long day for them.

For the rest of us, the banter as always was plentiful, both during and after the event. Well done everybody, it was a great day!

Did the Captain enjoy his day? Absolutely yes! He was in fine fettle and partied afterwards, hosting his own family and friends till the sun was starting to set. Well done Mr Captain and thank you for your generous hospitality. Thumbs up all around.

The winning team was George Waites, Russel Waites, Peter Harrison and Jeremy Cushing; with a score of 115, 7 points more than their nearest rivals. 2nd place was 108 points, down to 4th place with 107 points, finishing in 5th and 6th place.

Thanks go to all the usual suspects who were in situ at the ungodly hour of 7:00 am and to the greens and hospitality teams.

Many people donated prizes, purchased raffle tickets and simply joined in on the day.

In short, it was brilliant!



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