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The spirit of Champions

It was a scorching day on the greens as our early-bird golfers set off for a thrilling 36-hole marathon to determine the champions of the year.

The competition was fierce, the heat was on, and the stakes were high! Who would emerge victorious? Let's find out...

The action kicked off with the Bateman Plate, where our handicap golfers gave it their all over the morning 18 holes. Congratulations to Jason Roope for taking home the first trophy of the day with an impressive net score of 65!

Our ultimate prize, the majestic Lindsay Cup, awaited the champion of the full 36 holes. The competition was tough, and the sweat was pouring, but it was Stuart Charman who rose to the occasion, triumphantly clinching the cup from the hands of Jason Roope. What an exhilarating finish!

And now, let's hear it for the one and only Tom Rutherford! With his calculated swings and unwavering focus, Tom prevailed as the scratch champion of the year, claiming the highly coveted Lucas badge. He truly impressed us all with his remarkable golfing skills.

But there were also outstanding performances from Russell Waites, John Richardson, Alex Fellas, Steve Greatrex, and Martin Smith! These players gave it their all and set the bar high for the rest of the field. Golfing legends in the making.

After a quick break at the Clubhouse, the golfers geared up for the gripping afternoon round. With the adrenaline pumping and determination in their hearts, they gave it everything they had. It was a sight to behold!

Four and a half hours later, the results were in! Despite some tough breaks, we emerged with triumphant winners. Kelvin Burns showcased a tremendous round with a gross 72, alongside Thaine Hacon. Meanwhile, Tom Rutherford brought his A-game yet again with a solid 73.

And let's not forget Stuart Charman, who secured the Lindsay Cup with his incredible gross 73! Simply outstanding performances!

Drumroll, please!

We proudly announce our champions:

A big round of applause to all our winners and participants! Your dedication and sportsmanship made this an unforgettable day. And let's not forget our fantastic crowd, who brought a lot of cheer and support. You were the true champions of the event and we feel very lucky to have you.

We concluded this unforgettable day of Golf with heartfelt speeches, jubilant celebrations, and a well-deserved round of ice-cold beers all around.

Cheers to another incredible day on the course! Until next time, fellow golfers!


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