Local Rules

Updated January 2019

  1. Play is not permitted on the race course straight. NO PLAY ZONE

  2. The back straight and bend are part of the course and you have to play the ball where it lies unless the inner rail impedes your swing when relief can be taken. DEFINED AREA OF THE COURSE

  3. Over the outer race course rail is out of bounds (except on the 1st 3rd 15th and 16th holes) you may not take relief from the rail defined as out of bounds. (Back straight 6th 7th 10th Straight mile 4th and 5th).

  4. When crossing the race course on hole 1 and 18  if within 4 club lengths of the cross rail or posts , relief can be taken by dropping your ball as far back as required on the line between where you are and the flag stick. You must not drop nearer the hole.

  5. Where the race course is in the defined area of the course a ball coming to rest on the race course that requires relief from the fence must be dropped on the race course even if the nearest point of relief is not on the race course. (Other than the straight mile), “if on the race course stay on the race course”. (note to self this rule may not be permitted on response from R&A)

  6. The safety netting protecting the 7th tee is part of the course. If the netting interferes with your swing you can take relief in the usual way. You cannot drop back as far you want ( Play out sideways)

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